Aaron Kllc's work explores painting and sculpture as a means of expressing primal energies and emotions. Drawing on mid-century art for inspiration, his work ranges from the re-purposing of found objects to pure abstraction on canvas. Returning to the west coast was an affirmation and connection with California Modernism that has become apparent in his work.

Kllc's black and white works oscillate between ghostly abstracted impressions and actual found objects which ignite memories, emotions, and narratives. The resulting effect is a playful and inquisitive conversation that bridges the duality of the literal and ethereal worlds. His background in Japanese Aesthetics is apparent in this discovery: working with the material world is always a reflection of the spiritual.

Aaron Kllc is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, RISD

Banking on Creativity Scholarship, Rochester New York
Merit Award Winner, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester New York

Sales and Representation:

Lawrence Converso - Converso / 1stdibs.com
Tradesmen - San Francisco
ABC Carpet and Home - NYC
Caira Mandaglio - London

  Paintings for Livingrooms
Paintings by San Francisco Fine Artist Aaron KllcWall Sculptures by Aaron Kllc